naomi gaugin

for all u ppl out there familiar with the existence of gogo but still acting like little bitches about diving in to strange. either Foyolyfe is the crew and TEALStribe is the artist or its the other way around or its neither and whoever it was that wrote the ABOUT page was just being too extra with all the royal We’s. None of that old jack swing gogo, this is bounce beat distilled and rebottled to fit under a NEW AGE label. Listen to these for a couple hours, u know, get ur ears right, then get lost in some old TOB and TCB youtube holes till u can feel the sweat on ur butt. stay away from CCB tho, ur probably not ready.

TEALStribe, “Love It (Jug & Bounce mix)” (2013)

TEALStribe, “Base” (2014)

TEALStribe, The Cooldown (2013)

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