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Slutty Boyz, “When You See Me” (2014)
prod. Yung Lan

every time there’s been a lull in trel’s momentum the slutty boyz have always kept shit rolling in his stead. she fell in love wasn’t a bad first record in ross’ lavish miami lobster bisque on a yacht world but it didnt exactly set anything on fire and putting out a music video in the dead of winter months after the track dropped didnt help any either (i love ben’s as much as the next drunk but there isn’t much about the song that evokes U St in December). The more Trel raps about the Slutty Boyz, the better the song is probably gonna be n until he lets loose songs like this clanging thing, slutty boyz are where it’s at. “When You See Me” is off their delayed Da New Kool mixtape, way better than that “Yall Not Ready” song that was probably Wale’s fault, and the “Savage” joint is off Pwild’s latest mixtape-before-the-mixtape. Don’t sleep on that like yall did “Wild’n Out“.

Pwild, “Savage” f/ Young Moe & Oochie
prod. BassedKidd


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