easily the best song trel previewed as part of his SDMG tape, it for some reason didn’t make the release n was instead teased at w rumors of maybe showing up somewhere on Self Made 3 but since no one anywhere really knows wtf is goin on w trel n MMG, it didn’t show up there either n now finally drops but credited as Black Cobain’s. still trel’s tho, one of like four that probably should’ve shown up on his last tape. I mean, both of them open rapping bout broke girls n their motherless children — a community service according to some — but by the end trel’s shifted the shade to broke boys n comes out the other side still likely to get some. all of that “fingernail-toenail done up” n “told u meet me by the car, here I am here you are n u looking at me like u bout to come up” talk is slick. black tho, he’s out here calling y’all stupid bitches for mispronouncing “Hublot” n asking for toupee. TOUPEE. dog.

anyways, Black’s Perfect Contradiction drops on the 3rd.



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