Swipey, “Ewww” freestyle + “Dirty”

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Swipey, “Ewww” freestyle (2015) Paypal-ing click farms in Bangladesh is for a certain type of person the only way to make sense of Swipey routinely hitting several hundreds of thousands of views and what they judge to be Swipey’s wider under-visibility. More important is the fact that people who regularly say and think things like […]


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Cloud 9 Cam, “Sale” f/ Hitta Tae (2014) the looney tunes drumroll and slide whistle at the very very beginning of this song off Cam’s “Your Local Pharmacist” sound like they could be crossfade artifacts but they’re not. its just there. there’s a casio cha-cha marimba that kicks in about two and a half minutes […]

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G$tar Giorgio, “Screw’d Up” (2014) The first minute+ here before the bass starts its slow steady rip is essentially the audio of the second Purge trailer layerd over slow, late summer b-roll of G$tar n friends skating and pointing guns and getting the cops called on them and I’ve had it playing all day because […]