easily the best song trel previewed as part of his SDMG tape, it for some reason didn’t make the release n was instead teased at w rumors of maybe showing up somewhere on Self Made 3 but since no one anywhere really knows wtf is goin on w trel n MMG, it didn’t show up there either n now finally drops but credited as Black Cobain’s. still trel’s tho, one of like four that probably should’ve shown up on his last tape. I mean, both of them open rapping bout broke girls n their motherless children — a community service according to some — but by the end trel’s shifted the shade to broke boys n comes out the other side still likely to get some. all of that “fingernail-toenail done up” n “told u meet me by the car, here I am here you are n u looking at me like u bout to come up” talk is slick. black tho, he’s out here calling y’all stupid bitches for mispronouncing “Hublot” n asking for toupee. TOUPEE. dog.

anyways, Black’s Perfect Contradiction drops on the 3rd.



FlyySkii, “We Dew” (2013)
prod by FlyyTone

are all of yall really from cheverly terrace? like, the one building? got dam. how many rappers izzat per floor?

also shout out to the mark in that cutaway he’s got maybe about three seconds of cumulative screen time but sometimes thats all u need to recognize talent i mean look at dude

wow, raw

SMD, “Know My Name” (2013)