Yung Tayza, “Is That Ur Bitch” (The Demonstration, 2013)
King Green

the spacey passive aggresive fukyulooknat b-side to the f-zero stoner trap “No Homo“. i like the part where tayza skips around n asks you rhetorically if that’s ur bitch.


Yung Gleesh, “Hard” (Ain’t Shit Changed, 2013)
Dolan Beats

“Naw wen I was down [Atlanta] I had da ability to play around wit it up here deez niggas DNT know how to work dat shit for real”Yung Gleesh on autotune

“Aint’ Shit Changed” dropping July 4th.

Yung Tayza, “No Homo” f/ Shy Glizzy (2013)
King Green

Off the bat Tayza’s fukkin up, probably cuz he’s so hiiiiiii. “Uh, uh-oh” cuz he almost droped the pack right out his waistband. Two seconds later he’s dusting ash off his wife-beater lookin all weak n shit. Not to let it get twisted tho Tayza starts going on about a threesome he had with ur girl just last week but even then the most distinguishing detail his baked-ass pulls out is that ur girl was also face deep in a light caesar salad. Even the entire hook is just the laziest possible school-yard comeback to “Fuck You”. Fuck ME? Dog, u gay. Yung Tayza was extra stoned when he wrote this. This is my summer jam for sure.


Yung Gleesh, “Lazyness” (2013)

No junkie-strained hook to take a bit of getting used to on this one, this is shitbag zen. No other rapper out right now can see Gleesh on his mumbling-to-myself game or are anywhere close to being as committed as Gleesh is to choking the last drop of meaning out of the english language one lonely word at a time. RIP “Forty”.



Sam Pain, “Don’t Do It” (2013)

Iono anythin else about Sam Pain or Church other than that Sam Pain is the one rapping and Church is the producer (update: Sam is 13 14!) but I do know that worried big sister raps account for some 30-40% of all nationally recognizable DC hits, so this is blowing my face off right now. This is the best thing ever filmed off M St. bar none.

Oochie, “Turn Down for Wat” (2013)
Young Clip

The “Quarles Street Shawty” music video was originally included in this post but YouTube says it was taken down following a copyright claim by the producer, Lolo from Monumental Muzik, so hopefully that shit gets sorted out soon cuz that song and Lolo’s anti-beat deserve the push.

Instead its just half (hopefully) of Oochie’s new single off the Dewprint 2, “Turn Down for Wat”, produced by the King of MIDI-clappas Young Clip. All Hail Clip.



Trap Aly, “SMH song” f/ Deuce Dagger (2013)

Terrible news out Southeast. Thoughts and prayers with the Trapflava family and friends. Trap Aly’s talent was only just beginning to get the recognition it deserved.

Trap Aly, “I Get High” (2013)

Trap Aly, “Cup Stuck to My Hand/Paid Niggas” (2012)