Boosa da Shoota — Bout 2 Blow f/ Meatchie (2013)

Shoot 2 Kill is where I’ve started pointing people that ask me for a good place to start with the Slutty Boyz. Two years back Boosa didn’t feature on any SB work but here he is kinda re-upping on what P-Wild, Dew Baby, Meatchi and Killa (for a while at least) were doing back then without him. The two Basshedz tracks are a bit different than the Young L-at-Stadium STRIPPER ANTHEMS FOR THE FUTURE wave they were on for Chu Don’t Dew but “Who Dat” — p much the only track to Boosa’s name all last year — and “Ima Fool Wit It” are two of the best examples of Young Clip’s schoolyard clap bounce sound to date. “Who Dat” has slapped since day one still does and on God will till I die, but the other Clip track, the one with Meatchi, that might be a better example of how well Clip’s beats lend themselves to some double-dutch rap shit. Boosa even leaves the first four bars of his verse open and you can almost picture Boosa weighing out the beat and waiting to jump in at the perfect half-second rise cause he doesn’t wanna fuck up this quick verse he wrote about his chopper in the trunk and what his chopper can do.


The rest of the tape goes too; tag-team saloon rap “GBSB” replaces “Fukk Da Feds” as best Slutty-Glory collaboration and tape closer “Homicide” has Boosa flexing under a big swirling dark cloud of a beat by a producer named Batman WHOM YOUR BOY ACTUALLY SPENT TEN MINUTES TRYING TO GOOGLE LIKE A FUCKIN DUMMY.

pwild sidepwild sidepwild sidepwild side

As far as Young Clip shit goes though, Pwild has basically been carrying the torch since last year’s Project Wild Boy but there’s a small bounty of shit floating around by Topdolla too, and Oochie more recently on The Dewprint. Deuce Dagger and Top both pop off on this cut off Pwild’s tape:

      PWILD -- Turn Up f/ Deuce Dagger & Topdolla Sweizy

Basically what I’m saying is rappers in DC finally sound like they’re having fun rapping and Young Clip is passing out pies with extra toppings.


Good positive movements in 2012. Good rap year top bottom east west and any person real or internet who tells you otherwise is purping on very thin grounds. Future, Chief Keef, Mike Will, Kendrick, Gleesh, Young Chop, 2 Chainz and Juicy old asses. I mean, Wale was certified gold. In this economy! FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE parted with cold money they worked hard for, they put up with shit for, so they could hear Wale. That’s crazy! Aye Boobe, maybe most active DC legend rn, got regular spins with WHITE BITCHES. Things have not been this good for this many in a long while.

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