BEST DC RAP of 2012: 2013 edition

better one year late than two. also yes not every song was recorded within city limits. some artists r also repeated. tbh dont really know what the rules are to this.


    1. Fat Trel, “Devil We Like… Boss Major
    2. Shy Glizzy, “I Come From Nothing… Tha Rich Kids
    3. Boobe, “White Bitches” f/ Juicy J … Rio
    4. Lightshow, “Still… YB on da Beat
    5. Yung Gleesh, “I Kills It
    6. Yung Ru, “Intro… Tonio Bell
    7. Uptown XO, “Flowers… AB the Pro
    8. Boosa da Shoota, “Who Dat… Young Clip
    9. OG Hamp, “Blast from tha Mack… Kash
    10. Marley Escobar, “Paranoid

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.47.52 PM

    1. Uptown Pacco, “Up Down
    2. PWild, “Want Work” f/ Lightshow” … Young Clip
    3. Missy Love, “Beautiful Hooligan
    4. Lightshow/Shy Glizzy, “Irons… YB on da Beat
    5. Alfa Diallo, “I Be High” f/ Ras Nebyu … Ibrahim Keita
    6. Black Cobain, “Public Enemy” f/ Shy Glizzy … Beat Billionaire
    7. Oddisee, “Ready to Rock… Oddisee
    8. Young Moe, “Tired of Being Broke” f/ Fat Trel … Mr. Tetrizz
    9. Oochie, “Quarles Street Shawdy… Lolo
    10. Deuce Dagger, “Co-Defendants” f/ Chugaloo Roc … Young Clip

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 11.09.47 PM

  1. Mike Brown da Czar, “Young & Thuggin Shyt… j5ive
  2. Slutty Boyz, “Trick Bag… Young Clip
  3. Niccolo Solo, “Hero
  4. Suavey Nino, “Rubber Band Wedding Ring… Young Frank
  5. Garvey the Chosen One, “Roller
  6. Dew Baby, “Peel Back… Cool on da Beat
  7. Rabbit, “Murda Biz
  8. Chris Bo, “Goonz… Big Moon
  9. Freakmite, “Since 95… Versatile Beats
  10. 4DaFame, “I Got Dat Work… Jee Juh

if u wanna download all that
#1-15 | 16-30

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