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G$tar Giorgio, “Screw’d Up” (2014) The first minute+ here before the bass starts its slow steady rip is essentially the audio of the second Purge trailer layerd over slow, late summer b-roll of G$tar n friends skating and pointing guns and getting the cops called on them and I’ve had it playing all day because […]

BEST DC RAP of 2012: 2013 edition

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better one year late than two. also yes not every song was recorded within city limits. some artists r also repeated. tbh dont really know what the rules are to this. Fat Trel, “Devil We Like” … Boss Major Shy Glizzy, “I Come From Nothing” … Tha Rich Kids Boobe, “White Bitches” f/ Juicy J […]


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G$tar Giorgio, “R I C H S Q A D” (2013) prod. TylerP also s/o to the barcelona long sleeve away n also pre-emptive s/o to the first rapper to rock the camo napoli jersey