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Young Money Yawn, “Yayo remix” f/ Young Crazy (2014)

hundred bucks says that at this very moment on twitter, whenever this moment for u may be, someone from dc is telling someone from maryland that they’re doodoo soft, they’re fakin like shit, and that they’re dumb af for even saying “DMV”. @’s are flying back and forth and back forth until someone, a third, calmer voice, will tweet both parties and dead it all by reminding them that at least neither of em are from virginia (fukk yall). those are our day to day feelings and depending on who ur talking to are likely to change. 100% guarantee tho that there would be endless RT’s and subtweets were u to insinuate that Young Money Yawn, Swagga Smiles, or Young Crazy were from the “DMV”. They are not, they’re from the 757. They — along with most of Norfolk , e.g. Clipse — are definitely at least affiliates tho seeing as how 1) Swagga Smiles & Young Crazy’s latest v good mixtape was hosted by the gawd DJ Grady, 2) Yawn tapped Shy for the remix to his sleeper hit from last year and 3) Take Em 2 Church, the dude who shot the video to “Gutta Gutta” isn’t entirely unknown up here either.

Swagga Smiles, “No Problem” f/ Young Crazy (2013)
prod 1007


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