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G$tar Giorgio, “Screw’d Up” (2014)

The first minute+ here before the bass starts its slow steady rip is essentially the audio of the second Purge trailer layerd over slow, late summer b-roll of G$tar n friends skating and pointing guns and getting the cops called on them and I’ve had it playing all day because my heat is completely fucked. The past four years its been like him n his brother have been playing hot potato with being On. Rappers that find their mode again after doing a stint are always the rare exception. Its been about two and half years since Yung Ru’s clinical “In Sqad I Trust” mixtape (“Intro” was Favorite Song #6 of 2012 but favorite songs from favorite tapes change daily) and the most memorable thing he’s dropped since was a verse on Moe’s tape and a freestyle to “Ight Doe”.

G$tar Giorgio, “No Label” f/ Lul Rock (2014)

G$tar on the other hand released a 17-track tape with 16 near-identical songs plus a Leeke Leek Banger and he’s been on a roll since. If Ru and G$tar can get on the same page Manassas will finally be on the map for being home to something other than the World Famous Guapo’s Sauce and Civil War re-enactors.


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